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The better you move, the more you’ll enjoy it!

We are a fitness community offering running, hiking and outdoor fitness classes in and around Guildford and villages. We help you to get Back on Track with building healthy fitness routines – become a stronger runner, become more connected with nature, and enjoy hiking opportunities on the best Surrey walking trails.

If you are looking for a friendly and welcoming outdoor community that keeps you motivated, really IS do-able and helps you build confidence whilst having a laugh and caring for each other, you have found it. Learn more about us here.

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In sync with nature

Modern day culture and technology has distanced us from nature and its seasonal cycles. When was the last time you went to bed at sunset?
Whilst we’ve gained convenience, we lost a deep connection to nature. We forgot how to read our bodies’ signals; we feel unbalanced and stressed; we weakened our immune systems. We have become accepting of body aches,  inflammations and sluggishness, but this is not normal, this is not how we should be functioning.  Nature restores and brings back balance, healing and energy. At Back on Track we offer you help to restore this balance through exercise, nutrition and finding energy by syncing to seasonal cycles and changes. Plus, we take you right to the source for you to experience life in its fullest: deep into nature!

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2 years ago I would never have considered myself able to run, or take part in any sort of sport, but I’ve discovered an enjoyment & found achievements in running that I never imagined possible. I love that I have the possibility now of taking off for a run on my own - free exercise in your own time & fresh air - but it’s much, much more fun with these new-found friends.
Julie S Guildford (C25k Beginners)
Simone, you had more influence on my life and fitness than you will ever know. I never would have thought 4 years after doing the C25K Beginners course I would be fitter than ever. Thank you so much you are a gifted and gorgeous woman with a kind and generous nature.  
Ruth F, Guildford (C25k Running course)
I love Back On Track! I first found Simone through a couch to 5k running course. Once I found out she runs fit-camps I was hooked! I really enjoy the variety of each session - there's nothing like working out in the woods and outside. I never feel I'm not doing well. Simone is motivating and the group is brilliant. I highly recommend it
Lesley C, Normandy (Fit-camp)
I joined Back on Track Run Group to train for the Guildford 10k. As a beginner runner, I found the group to be a perfect fit and was looking forward to my Monday evenings with them-rain or shine! On race day, I felt so supported by Simone and because of her help I ran better than I could have ever dreamed. I highly recommend this fun and friendly run crew!
Christine E, Shalford (Running group)
“I have tried to lose weight since I was in my twenties. The most success I’ve ever had was with Simone via Personal Training.”
Julie B, Chilworth (Fit-camp & PT)
“I have so enjoyed getting stronger, fitter and more confident. Simone is a great coach, sessions are always fun, and she and the rest of the group so supportive and encouraging.”  
Katie D, Wonersh (Fit-camp)
The Couch to 5k & 10K courses have gone beyond my expectations! Fun & friendly whatever your level, with tips to gradually build your fitness. I can’t measure what a difference it makes to my physical and mental health.
Julie S Guildford (C25k Beginners)
Fit-camp has changed my life for the better! Great setting, great company, and a brilliant instructor who mixes it up each week and makes sure everyone is going at their own pace.
Caroline R, Guildford (Fit-camp)
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