Run wild over the paths of our ancestors
Running with Back on Track

Running with Back on Track

Our weekly Run Club brings together a friendly group of women with strong team values to work together – we’ll leave no-one behind. We love to keep our runs as varied and interesting as possible – taking the riverside track in the summer or down country lanes as the sun is setting; meeting up for a Park Run on a frosty autumnal morning or donning our lights and brights to trace a fun route around local Christmas decorations.

Everyone is welcome: we create different paced groups helping each individual to enjoy running, to feel confident, and to progress in their ability.

Options : Mondays Ad Hoc Run club or Join a running course

Apart from our weekly Ad Hoc Run Club, we offer running courses – such as Couch to 5k, Back to Running and Build me up to a 10km. We like to set you a running challenge from time to time, and enter events such as ParkRun together. Join us and enjoy becoming a more confident runner – you’ll meet a sociable and inclusive bunch who look forward to a re-energising hour of friendship and exercise each week as we explore the local routes together.

Monday Run Club

At our Monday Run Club, we often run in 2 or 3 groups to support different paces. Most weeks are coached by Simone and her wonderful and supportive team to deliver the following:

  • We run for approx 4km to 7km – social to intermediate pace (ie able to hold a conversation without too much effort)
  • From time to time, there may be options to train for a specific purpose or event
  • You are looked after by a team of qualified coaches with a wide range of expertise and passion for running
  • You’ll receive advice on useful running techniques and how to improve your running posture
  • Sessions include interval training, tempo runs, hill sessions, or games to improve speed and endurance
  • At all times we keep runners together safely, especially when the evenings get darker –
    no-one runs solo and nobody gets left behind
  • Become part of a supportive group that welcomes new runners and encourages beginners to keep the good habit
  • We are part of Runtogether 
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